Starbucks Brings Pike Place Roast To The Masses

This week, Starbucks made its exclusive Pike Place Roast available in all its locations. Starbucks is promoting the widespread availability of Pike Place Roast with rebranded cups featuring (temporarily, I assume) the original siren logo.

The original siren logo is slightly modified, however. The siren’s hair covers more than the true original logo, but, more importantly the circular band says “Fresh Roasted Coffee” instead of “Coffee • Tea • Spices.” Considering recently publicized problems Starbucks has had, the new emphasis on their coffee selection process and freshness is undoubtedly intended to address those issues. Starbucks suffers largely from an image problem. People who aren’t Starbucks regulars associate the coffee-chain with high-priced espresso drinks or coffee that is “too strong” for them. Starbucks is now attracting attention to their commitment to quality, fresh coffee by posting the “roasted on” date with with daily brews.

I’ve had the Pike Place Roast every day since it became available. And I have say it is one of my favorite roasts. I think Starbucks is on the right track to fixing it’s overall image problem. In fact, I would suggest they continue to not only emphasize their coffee selection processes and commitment to freshness, but also keep showcasing the original siren logo. Another aspect of their image is problem is the bleeding heart objections to big corporations, and the old logo doesn’t have the corporate look that the current logo does. Renewed attention to their roots can’t hurt and reminds consumers that Starbucks started small, and grew into something larger because it has a quality product.


2 thoughts on “Starbucks Brings Pike Place Roast To The Masses

  1. I think you’re overthinking it. Howard Schultz is a desperate man right now. Like a guy caught on a runaway bulldozer, he’s pulling every lever and pushing every pedal imaginable in the hopes of avoiding driving off a cliff.

    The semi-retro return of the label proves the core issue here: Mr. Schutlz has delusions that Starbucks can turn back the calendar and pretend it’s the good ol’ growth days of the 1980s all over again.

    The fly in the ointment is that Starbucks has grown so big, and has had to lower its standards so much to find low-skilled staff to fill its endless opening of cafés, that it has painted itself in a corner. Humpty Dumpty cannot be put back together again. The fondness Mr. Schultz feels for a company he founded is nostalgic but misplaced — the Starbucks he once knew no longer exists and its never coming back.

  2. Matt, the problem is that they used to offer drip BOLD coffees all day, and now they don’t. Pikes is a mild coffee.

    BOLD is available in the afternoon only via time consuming French Press, and in the morning at management discretion.

    My experience is that most dedicated coffee lovers are fans of Sumatra, Vernona, etc. Not all, but most.

    This option used to be available any time a Starbucks was open. Now it’s some mornings, and NO afternoons.



    ps: Personally I think Pike is way, way, way to bland and I’d just as soon drink hot water. BUT you love it, others probably do as well, so if there is a market for it, fine. But by eliminating the bold option, they eliminated my ability to make use of Starbucks.

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