Review: Personal Days, by Ed Park

I have to say I expected more from Ed Park’s Personal Days. It has some similarities to Joshua Ferris’s Then We Came To The End. Both are told from the point of view of a nameless narrator that is a part of a story. However, the overall style is much different. While the narrator in Ferris’s novel was a part of the story, Park’s novel is told by a narrator who displays no emotional connection to the story, and reads more like dozens of office anecdotes woven together with an underlying plot barely peaking through. Parks’ style, in my opinion. hindered character development and made the story feel clunky.

Unfortunately, Personal Days got increasingly more difficult to read as it progressed… and the last part of the story was an excruciatingly long email written as a 30-page run on sentence because the character’s period key wasn’t working.

But I digress, I have since started Johnny One-Eye: A Tale of the American Revolution by Jerome Charyn, which I’ve been looking forward to starting for quite a while.


2 thoughts on “Review: Personal Days, by Ed Park

  1. It’s funny. I like Ed Park’s book better than Joshua Ferris’; partly because it was shorter. By the time you “come to the end” of Ferris’ book, you’d probably be transferred to a different office in a different position than the one you were in when you started reading! Frankly, there’s just something droll about 400 pages of ‘guess what happened at work today’. IMHO, neither of these books was as much fun to read as Handle Time. That girl is insane! In any event, I think these cubicle-based entries will be popping up more frequently in contemporary fiction as we move along; stapling and faxing our lives away.

  2. So Matt,
    NO more praising about “BUSH”..what happend? Heya weasel and I am surprised you haven’t seen the YouTube video about you. So there is till time for you to volunteer to go to Iraq. Let me ask you this have you ever been to the VA hospital up in Mass. to see the results of your “words” ? Probably not!

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