Nick Hornby Gives Us An Update…

Nick Hornby gives us a update of what he’s up to these days on his blog… some exciting stuff:..

Work update:

– I’m about a third of the way into a novel, with the working title ‘Juliet, Naked’.
– I’m editing, with Eli Horowitz, a ‘Best of McSweeneys’ book for Hamish Hamilton, publication some time next spring, I think. (This is a lovely job – I’m discovering great young writers I’d never heard of several times a day at the moment.)
– I’m adapting ‘Slam’, for DNA Films
– A friend and I are still messing around with a radio comedy, although the messing around at this stage consists mostly of trying to persuade the BBC that it’s funny. Or comprehensible. Or something.
– I’m working with Airside Studios on an idea for an animated film.

Film update

– Cindy Chupack, the screenwriter on the project, has just delivered a third and hopefully green light-triggering draft of ‘How To Be Good’.
– There’s not much happening with ‘A Long Way Down’.
– ‘Slam’ – see above. That’s ‘above’ in the ‘work update’ bit, as opposed to ‘There’s not much happening’. There isn’t much happening, but that’s entirely my fault.
– ‘An Education’ is in the final stages of editing.

With all the work he’s doing, I wonder how long before we’ll see some new writing from him. I’m anxious for the next novel, but I suspect if he’s only a third of the way into it, then it’ll be a year at least before it is published.

A film version of ‘Slam’ is exciting news… but I’m disappointed to hear that there’s not much movement on ‘A Long Way Down.” I wasn’t aware that a film adaptation of ‘How To Be Good’ was in development. I wonder who will play DJ GoodNews and if he’ll make a cameo in ‘A Long Way Down’ as well?

With all the simultaneous projects going on with Nick Hornby, I’m hoping it won’t be too long of a wait before we get some new reading material. Personally, I’d like to see a collection of his short stories published, I’ve managed to read a few. His short story, ‘NippleJesus’ was published in ‘Speaking With The Angel’ a collection of short stories by several writers that he editted. I’ve also been able to get my hands on ‘Not A Star’ and ‘Otherwise Pandemonium’ — the latter I got a limited edition copy off of Ebay that was also signed, so I’ve not taken it out of the shrink wrap. A collection of Hornby’s short stories would be fantastic. Unfortunately, I’ve not heard anything that indicates such an idea has been considered. But, I’d like to think that it could be done, and would give us loyal fans something to hold us over until the next novel is published.