My Progress Switching To Dvorak

It has now been roughly a week since I made the switch from QWERTY to Dvorak. It certainly hasn’t been easy. Using QWERTY for over twenty years certainly makes changing difficult. In order to do things right, I changed key maps at home and at work.

As a blogger, the first stage of transition made blogging very frustrating… so frustrating that at times I was tempted to use QWERTY when I needed to do blog. But the more I have typed with Dvorak the better and faster I have gotten.

I just purchased an ergonomic split keyboard which has helped tremendously in forcing me to use the correct hand for the correct keys… and my accuracy has definitely improved. Currently I am using the new keyboard without any stickers on the keys. I am using a printed diagram though since my fingers haven’t memorized the key positions yet.

I am generally pleased with my progress. I hope to continue to improve my accuracy over the following week and then work on improving my speed. If I can type quickly and accurately without a printed diagram and without looking at the keys after another three weeks I will be very happy.


One thought on “My Progress Switching To Dvorak

  1. I had done a research project in college on alternative keyboard layouts and forced myself to switch to Dvorak for a couple months. The first couple weeks are hard, but you quickly pick up on it and end up being able to type much faster on a Dvorak keyboard. Every once in awhile I toy around with the idea of going back to it. Good luck!

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