This Is Where I Leave You

As readers of my blog know, I am a big fan of Nick Hornby. My enjoyment of his work has put me on a mission to find comparable authors that I might enjoy. This search ultimately lead me to discover Jonathan Tropper. Not long ago I acquired an advanced copy of his new novel This Is Where I Leave You. This novel is the story of Judd Foxman, who recently caught his wife cheating on him with his shock jock boss, and soon after returns home upon the death of his father and must spend a week sitting shiva with his dysfunctional family — in accordance to his father’s wishes. Dysfunctional might even be an understatement. Judd’s problems are juxtaposed with the dramas in the lives of his siblings.

I found the plot to be intriguing, and thus decided to take chance on starting with Tropper’s newest, rather than going chronologically. I must say that not only did I find the book enjoyable, but I have since got audiobooks of two other Tropper novels (The Book of Joe, and How to Talk To A Widower) which I vill listen to while I am flying to and from Hawaii for my honeymoon in two weeks. If all goes well (and I have every reason to believe it will) I will read his other two novels when I return.

I am not too worried. I believe Jonathan Tropper will be another author permanently on my radar.