Missing Ben Folds in Buffalo

Okay, anyone who has read this blog knows I am a fan of Nick Hornby. Hornby, as it turns out, is in the process of collaborating with Ben Folds on an album (nicknamed “The Foldsby Project”). Despite my knowledge and that Ben Folds was coming to Buffalo last week, I never even thought about getting tickets for the show.

Looks like I should have gone.

Folds also shared a pair of songs from a new album in progress, which will feature lyrics by novelist and established music geek Nick Hornby. One of these, a tale about a fictional aging rock star who had a hit in the ’70s called “Belinda” and can’t stand singing it every night for the memories it dredges up, was fantastically clever.

Oh well. I guess I’ll wait for the Folds/Hornby album to come out next year, which will hopefully be promoted in part with another tour. In the meantime, I’ll settle for listening to the Foldsby demos that hit the internet.

Regrets aside, Hornby’s collaboration with Ben Folds has brought me to rediscover Folds’ music (old and new) which will probably start occupying my iTunes Library in increasing numbers.