My Resolution on Independence Day 2011

Well, it’s been over a year since I’ve blogged here. I think it’s about time I make an effort to get back in the habit. Independence Day seems like an appropriate day to make that resolution. I first started blogging with the motivation of builidng an audience to share my political views. This blog started in March of 2003, and in November of that year I started Blogs For Bush, which became one of the most popular political blogs of the 2004 presidential campaign. A lot of media appearances and a book deal later I’m perfectly fine accepting that my 15-minutes of fame are up… at least when in comes to political blogging, so, while political blogging will likely always be something I’m involved in, other projects will be taking priority.

So, while I’m sure this blog will be starting over from square one (as far as having an audience is concerned) building an audience is always a fun a challenge for me.