Approaching Semi-Retirement From Political Blogging

Soon, the last of my political blogs will be absorbed by better visionaries than I, and I will enter my semi-retirement from political blogging. A snippet from my announcement:

Many of you have been with us since Blogs For Victory was Blogs For Bush, my first national political blog that became one of the most successful political blogs in the country back in 2004, and took me places I’d never expected. I was at the 2004 Republican National Convention as one of the first credentialed bloggers. I was invited to Capitol Hill on more than one occasion for various blogger conferences, and even had a few meetings with the staff of high ranking Republican members of Congress, as well as Karl Rove and well known political pundits. It’s also worth noting that while my wife never read my blogs before we met, it’s safe to say we’d have never met had it not been for my political blogging. Also, Mark and I have both been on national television, and have a book deal. On the local level, I started political blogs in Massachusetts and Upstate New York that saw similar successes with media exposure and recognition from local political leaders. It has been a tremendous ride, but my time in the driver’s seat has come to an end.

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