Bridging The Gap To Running a 10K

Since my last post on my running, I’ve gone out four more times, and ┬áhave now hit the halfway point of the 6 week Bridge-To-10K running program.

A year ago, I was at the beginning of my 9-week training for a 5K, and back then the thought of running for a mere 5 minute stretch seemed impossible. Now I can run a 5K between 27-30 minutes, and am that much closer to running 10K or for a full hour.

A Year of Running

A year ago today I started training to run a 5K with the Couch To 5K Running Program. I had never run before and I trained wearing Vibram FiveFingers.

Nine weeks later I ran a full 5K at a pace of 11:30/mile. My first official 5K race was on September 11, 2010, and my official pace for the was 9:49/mile. After an unfortunate hiatus during the winter, I started back up on the treadmill after the new year, and peaked at a pace of 8:37/mile.

In May of this year I was off the treadmill and hitting the pavement again, ranging from an average pace of 9:17/mile to 9:49/mile . Finally, a couple weeks ago I decided it was time to start the Bridge to 10K Running Program, a 6-week program designed for Couch-To-5K graduates.

Here’s my stats so far.

Week 1, Day 1
Week 1, Day 2
Week 1, Day 3

Week 2, Day 1
Week 2, Day 2

Well, there’s the highlights of my first year of running. In a month or so I should be able to run a 10K.