Back To Writing

It’s been over five years since Mark Noonan and I wrote/published our first book, Caucus of Corruption. As much as writing another book appealed to me in the months that followed, eventually I came to the conclusion that there were no more books (at least nonfiction) in me. But, recent events–and by recent events I mean the 2012 presidential election–rekindled the writing spark in me and I’m happy to say that Mark and I have begun the process of writing our second book.

Over the past week, we’ve been doing significant amounts of research, laying the groundwork for what I believe will be a really great writing project. We’ve ambitiously set a goal to have the book finished and ready for sale for CPAC 2013. Who knows if that will happen, but that is the goal.

So, I’ll be sure to post regular updates on our progress. I hope it won’t be long before we can reveal the title and cover.